Bespoke Kitchen
Usually, when companies talk about "bespoke kitchens", what they actually mean is mass-produced carcasses in standard sizes made in factories and fitted with various door and drawer designs. These are very often adapted to suit the precise dimensions of your room with "filler panels".
Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach, they are not truly bespoke. Compromise has been necessary.
Our approach to a bespoke kitchen regardles of shape, size or cost, is to work closely with our clients to design a truly unique and individually hand crafted bespoke kitchen. We don't compromise.
One of many stunning bespoke hand made kitchens we have produced over the last 15 years.
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That is why you will find our kitchens in many period homes, cottages, and country houses in the Harrogate area, where maintaining the original character and feel of the property is far more important than the latest kitchen look or gadget.
A fully bespoke approach means we can easily accomodate structural features such as this timber support around which we built the kitchen "island".
Where clients require larger American style fridge freezers, these can be a challenge in a period kitchen. In this case, the appliance was accomodated in its own bespoke cabinet in the dining area aside from the main kitchen so as not to spoil the overall effect.  It is possible to conceal such an appliance still further by purchasing a type where the front panels can be removed and our own fitted in their place. An example of that approach can be seen in this case study.
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