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Patio Door Repair
A full repair and renovation was required on this set of glazed patio doors. Replica timber mouldings were machined in our workshop, then were joined and fitted to replace all of the defective timbers.
We also replaced  all of the old door ironmongery and fully draft-proofed the frames. A full re-decoration of the doors and frames completed our work.
The customer was delighted with all our efforts to repair, rather than replace these doors.
Whilst joinery and and woodwork repairs can be awkward and time consuming, they can also save hundreds if not thousands of pounds over full replacement. It is also environmentally friendly!
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Robert Davis Joinery
Carpenter, Joiner and Cabinet Maker covering Knaresborough, Harrogate, Wetherby, Ripon and surrounding area.
Approved contractor to carry out conservation work to listed buildings in the Harrogate area.
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